Love compatibility using I Ching Astrology

If you want to examine the degree of compatibility between you and your partner or your beloved, Four Pillars of Wisdom can help you with it. You should create I Ching Horoscope for you and your partner and then make a comparison of your natal hexagrams (both Pre-Heaven and Later Heaven) with the natal hexagrams of your partner.

Lines which are of opposite polarity between the two natal hexagrams, for example between two Pre-Heaven hexagrams, enhance the potential compatibility. There can be from nought to six such correspondences, and the higher the number, the more favorable the omens.

For example, consider the hexagrams 1 and 2 or 24 and 44. All lines are opposite in character, so this situation would be most favorable, because Yin and Yang lines are all in opposite places, which means that hexagrams are complementing each other. The weak Yin lines correspond to the strong Yang lines in the hexagram of the partner, which may be understandable as the compatibility of characters.



However if both individuals were born under the same hexagram, there will be no opposites, and little compatibility.


The comparison of the natal hexagrams should be done on an individual basis, comparing line 1 with line 1, line 2 with line 2 etc., determining how many are of the opposite polarity, and hence the degree of compatibility.

It should be remembered that, as in other uses of I Ching, the reality may be either worse or better than the prediction. It depends on the spiritual development and attitude of the partners. The love compatibility, therefore, should only be considered as a general guide.

Create your own I Ching Horoscope with Four Pillars of Wisdom.

Does this software use the same type of calculations as the book Astrology of I Ching by K. Chu and Wen-Kuang Chu?


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