Will the person you marry change you?

Here is the outstanding guest post from famous Feng Shui guru  - Joey Yap. He speaks about a question that comes to mind of every person who plan to get married some day. :) In this post Joey speaks about BaZi chart, don’t be surprised, I Ching Astrology is based on BaZi so everything written below is also suitable for us. Just assume that BaZi chart, which Joey speaks about, in our case is I Ching Horoscope with its birthday hexagrams made by Four Pillars of Wisdom.

“Will the person you marry change you?” … In the BaZi perspective, strictly speaking – the answer is No. Because your BaZi chart is fixed the moment you were born. The chart doesn’t change just because you married someone.

However, having said that – the person you marry has the greatest INFLUENCE over you. Simply because – PROXIMITY – is the most powerful influence in life.

And what if you are married to a loser? Don’t you think day in day out his behavior would influence you more than just a bit? But did your BaZi chart change as a result of marrying a loser?

Nope. You are still the same you, with the same chart.

Will your BaZi chart change (and turn you into a spiteful and vengeful person, never trusting any other men on earth) just because you found out your spouse had an affair?

Nope. You still have the SAME chart.

So technically – you are the same you.

But the question is – are you behaving at the ‘healthiest’ level of your BaZi chart? Or perhaps are you behaving at the most ‘unhealthiest’ level? Many people didn’t know this could be a conscious CHOICE.

Generally, if your partner’s chart contains many of your favourable elements, you would find that he/she is a positive influence in your life. Conversely, if your partner’s chart contains many clashes with you or worst, contains many of your negative elements – you will find that in the long run he/she is a negative influence in your life.

At the end of day it is still YOU who decides to accept (or reject) their influence and change for the better or worst.

Remember – Only you can change YOU.

Remember, comments to the hexagrams in I Ching Horoscope give interpretations for the “Most Auspicious” and the “Least Auspicious”. This is the similarity to “healthiest/unhealthiest level of your BaZi” what Joey speaks about!

So I wish you to find a right spouse! With Four Pillars of Wisdom you can calculate love compatibility for you and your partner, but in any case everything depends on you!

Ancient Chinese wedding

Ancient Chinese wedding. Picture: The way to meet the bride, means: "Honey, I treasure you, love you lifelong!" The traditional Chinese marriage usually involves 6 necessary procedures, namely: match-making, engagement, betrothal parents, meeting the bride, three bows, and drinking wedlock wine. Red is central to the wedding theme of China. It signifies love, joy and prosperity. The bride's wedding down and embroider shoes are often red, as are the wedding invitations, wedding gift boxes, even the bride and groom's homes are decorated in red on the wedding day.

In all sincerity,
Oleg Galkin
(The author of Four Pillars of Wisdom)

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