Is I Ching Astrology true or false?

Many people ask whether the I Ching Astrology (used in Four Pillars of Wisdom) is true or false. They argue with me pointing that 2 people with the same sex and born at the same time and place (same maternity home) will have the same birthday hexagrams. “So, according to I Ching Astrology, they will have the same destiny and this is impossible”, they say.

Yes, this is impossible, because each person has it’s own social position, it’s own character, relatives and many other things. People repeat frequent mistake – they try to treat the astrology as exact science. People do such comparison with exact science and expect that astrology should give them strict answers like mathematical formula. They assume that astrology says about destiny which is some fixed and computational thing. If everything was so easy!

I think, the astrology should be considered from the practical point of view. When reading I Ching Horoscope the one should concentrate upon deriving the useful information from it. The one should gain knowledge and wisdom from readings which could help to improve ones life. And it is possible! I Ching is a guide to a spiritual development, the essence of philosophy of Change. The divination according to the I Ching Astrology system is practical numerological implementation of this philosophy.

Please try to read your I Ching Horoscope and derive maximum wisdom from it. I Ching just cannot give you bad advise as well as cannot exactly tell you what you should do. Everything is subjective and it’s up to you because YOU have a free will.

In all sincerity,
Oleg Galkin
(The author of Four Pillars of Wisdom)

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