Hexarhythm. Hexagram as illustration of rhythm of life.

Hexagram represents some situation developing with the lapse of time.

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Imagine that you are dancing. When you are doing it, you are listening to a tune and trying to move according to the rhythm. If you have a good sense of rhythm and you move according to it, then your dance is beautiful. You are enjoying it and people around you are enjoying seeing your dance.

There are different kind of tunes (hard, soft, fast, slow etc.) as well as there are different kinds of music (metal, pop, rock, rap etc.). Each type of tune has its own rhythm as well as its own style of dance. Also, each tune may have compound structure – a tune may be changing with time.

Imagine that hexagram is an illustration of “tune of life”. Hexagram is a situation developing with time same as a tune which has compound structure. Each line of a hexagram represents a part of such tune. Yearly Hexagrams are illustrating “tunes of every year of life”, Daily Hexagrams are illustrating “tunes of daily life” and Birthday Hexagrams are illustrating general “tunes of life”.

From this point of view, understanding of a hexagram gives us information, for example, about a rhythm of current year, day or even life! Using this information we can act according to this rhythm and make our “dance of life” beautiful for us and surrounding people!

When you listen to a radio, songs are always played one after another as well as Yearly and Daily Hexagrams go one after another during a lifetime. If each hexagram represents a different “tune of life”, then a style of “dance of life” should be changed according to each new rhythm.

Use Pillars of Wisdom, know your hexagrams and learn to follow the rhythm of life!

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