Amazing Coincidence for Barack Obama. I Ching Astrology In Action.

To while away the time I decided to take a closer look to I Ching Horoscope for Barack Obama and… I found a coincidence which I consider as amazing.

Currently Obama is 49 years old, thus, he is in his Later Heaven period of life. Here is his Later Heaven hexagram:

28. Ta Kuo. Inner Preponderance.

Later Heaven Hexagram for Barack Obama

Fourth (red) line of the hexagram is a control line. Here is a quote of the commentary to this line:

Most auspicious: He will be greatly talented, wise, valiant, far-sighted and energetic. He will be a pillar of the nation, accomplishing many things of great merit, and will be respected both nationally and internationally. He will have a good life.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States, so I beleive, he can be considered as ‘pillar of the nation’. Bingo!

In the aphorism for this line I Ching Horoscope also gives a warning:

The ridgepole is arched. Good fortune. If independence is not exercised, humiliation.

Maybe this warning could relate to current political issues in US. How do you think?

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by Larry

That is the wrong interpretation.the hexagram refers to tension. The ridgpoles Bends to breaking. The fourth moving line reads the Ridge pole is held. Looking for more support leads to mifortune. I don’t know how you arrived at your out of context blathering.

posted 6 years ago


very nice artical…!!
thank you for shearing this information…!!

posted 3 years ago




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