Divination Tips #2. Are you a leader according to your I Ching Horoscope?

“One rules many” is one of the Chinese concept. I’d bet that you know on your own experience that majority is ruled by minority!

If you got single Yang or Yin line in your Pre-Heaven Hexagram, and this line is controlling line as well, then you might be a leader of others in your life.

For example:

Hexagram 44. Kou. Coming to meet. Control Line: 1.

Hexagram 44. Kou. Coming to Meet (Contact). Control Line: 1.

The first line from the bottom is single Yin line in the hexagram and this is also a control line. You might assume that person with such hexagram may be a leader of others.

Another example:

Hexagram 8. Pi. Uniting

Hexagram 8. Pi. Uniting. Control line 5.

This hexagram has single Yang line in the fifth position and this is control line. Very successful hexagram, because line 5 is the most auspicious line.

In all sincerity,
Oleg Galkin
(The author of Four Pillars of Wisdom)

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