Achieve the best line of your birthday hexagram

Hexagram illustrates stages of development of an individual. Line of hexagram describes qualities which man should possess to achieve the level of auspiciousness illustrated by hexagram line. Text for Least Auspicious can provide an information about what mistakes a person could make that could prevent him to have higher level of auspiciousness. Text for Most Auspicious can provide an information about qualities which person should possess to be more auspicious. Reading a hexagram a person can understand which qualities he/she should develop in him- or herself to achieve most auspicious line in a hexagram.

For example let’s take a look at the commentary for the first line of the hexagram 44 “Kou. Contact (Relationships)”:

44. Kou. Contact (Relationships)

44. Kou. Contact (Relationships)

Most auspicious: He will try to do what is right but will have insufficient talent and strength to accomplish anything truly great. However, he will provide for himself and his family adequately.

Least auspicious: He will possess very little talent or experience, and limited abilities. He will tend to act rashly or recklessly in his efforts to succeed, but this will only produce more difficulties.

As we can see, a person who have the first line of hexagram 44 as the control line of his birthday hexagram should beware to act ‘rashly or recklessly in his efforts to succeed’. On the other hand such person should develop his strength and talent to be more auspicious and maybe he will achieve more auspicious line of the hexagram, for example, fifth line:

Most auspicious: He will be very wise and open-minded. He will love people and be able to treat all, the good and the bad alike, impartially. He will be an exceptional speaker and writer, by the means of which, with his learning and innate intelligence, he will gain fame and fortune.

I beleive that to achieve the level of auspiciousness described by the fifth line the one should develop qualities mentioned in the quote above.

So, I Ching Horoscope can give us a knowledge about how we should develop ourselves to be more auspicious and what qualities can impede our inner-development.

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