Amazing Coincidence for Barack Obama. I Ching Astrology In Action.

To while away the time I decided to take a closer look to I Ching Horoscope for Barack Obama and… I found a coincidence which I consider as amazing.

Currently Obama is 49 years old, thus, he is in his Later Heaven period of life. Here is his Later Heaven hexagram:

28. Ta Kuo. Inner Preponderance.

Later Heaven Hexagram for Barack Obama

Fourth (red) line of the hexagram is a control line. Here is a quote of the commentary to this line:

Most auspicious: He will be greatly talented, wise, valiant, far-sighted and energetic. He will be a pillar of the nation, accomplishing many things of great merit, and will be respected both nationally and internationally. He will have a good life.

Barack Obama is the President of the United States, so I beleive, he can be considered as ‘pillar of the nation’. Bingo!

In the aphorism for this line I Ching Horoscope also gives a warning:

The ridgepole is arched. Good fortune. If independence is not exercised, humiliation.

Maybe this warning could relate to current political issues in US. How do you think?

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