Were you born lucky? Primeval Fortune and success.

In I Ching Horoscope created by Four Pillars of Wisdom there is an omen which is called Primeval Fortune. It can be found on the Horoscope Summary page in the Omens section.

Barak Obamas Primeval Fortune

Barak Obama Primeval Fortune in Four Pillars of Wisdom

Primeval Fortune is kind of answer to the question ‘Were you born at the right time?’ Using I Ching Astrology, for every moment of time favorable ‘primeval’ trigram (half of a hexagram consisting of 3 lines) can be calculated. Simply speaking, if your Birthday Hexagram (Pre- or Later Heaven) contains favorable trigrams then your Primeval Fortune is favorable. It means that your Birthday Hexagram(s) are in harmony with trigram(s) related to the moment of time when you were born.

If you have favorable or very favorable Primeval Fortune in your I Ching Horoscope then you were born at the right place at the right time according to I Ching Astrology.

It is interesting that many VIPs whose profiles are included in Four Pillars of Wisdom, have favorable or very favorable Primeval Fortune. For example, Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman has very favorable Primeval Fortune. Barak Obama, Vladimir Putin and Brad Pitt has favorable Primeval Fortune.

So, were you born lucky according to your Primeval Fortune? :)

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