New Version Of Pillars With Critical Bugfix

Dear Friends,

Please download and install a new version of Four Pillars of Wisdom! In this version critical bug is fixed that prevented launch …


Dear Clients,
Since Four Pillars is not updated frequently, from now …

New Pillars Release. No More Adobe Flash

Dear Friends, new version of Four Pillars of Wisdom is released. There was a lot of troubles with Yearly Hexagram Statistics because the graph was …

Achieve the best line of your birthday hexagram

I Ching Horoscope can give us a knowledge about how we should develop ourselves to be more auspicious…

He will be a pillar of the nation…

Meet a Great Man

When reading your I Ching Horoscope, you can often find phrases like ‘it’s beneficial to meet a great man’. What does it mean?

Black is a symbol of mourning and bereavement in Western societies, but in Chinese culture Black, corresponding to water, is a neutral color

As a matter of fact, I Ching and I Ching Astrology was created for Kings (superior persons), that is, managers.

Were you born lucky? Primeval Fortune and success.

It is interesting that many VIPs whose profiles are included in Four Pillars of Wisdom install package, have favorable or very favorable Primeval Fortune.

There is only 3 reasons of strong inward change.

Basic character traits of a person are forming approximately until the age of 10 years…

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