Why use Four Pillars of Wisdom?

Why use I Ching Astrology?

  1. It is the most in-depth among all types of astrology of the ancient China.
  2. I Ching Astrology gives information about forces which influence you during your life time and gives advices how to act in order to be in harmony with the surrounding world.
  3. It can provide you a fascinating visual and intuitive experience. I Ching Hexagrams used in this astrology are great tools for insight.
  4. This astrology system represents a guide to the very depth of your intuition, which would help you to take right decisions in your life, to know yourself and the world around you.
  5. No interpreter is needed. Life analysis based on Astrology of I Ching is easier to interpret in comparison with traditional BaZi analysis because BaZi has many combinations and depend on the interpreters skill and experience.

Why use Four Pillars of Wisdom?

  1. The program is easy and comfortable to use.
  2. Casting unlimited number of I Ching Horoscopes which include:
    1. Birthday Hexagrams of Pre-Heaven and Later Heaven, representing forces influencing accordingly the first and the second parts of life.
    2. Yearly Hexagram representing forces influencing each year of life.
    3. Daily Hexagram for each 6-days period of life for chosen year.
    4. Yearly Hexagram Statistics. The graph illustrating what life lessons will more often occur during your lifetime.
  3. Several I Ching translations are included in order to make the process of understanding and analyzing hexagrams easier.
  4. Pop-up help and explanations of comments to hexagrams are included. Specially for I Ching beginners!
  5. Usability. There is no need in any special knowledge of astrology or any other sphere.
  6. Practical user interface with comfortable arrangement and displaying of information which would let you “to play” with casting horoscopes.
  7. Huge database of cities from all over the world. So you will not have to search for the coordinates of your birth place somewhere in other sources.
    …and of course…
  8. Any time you have a question, you can address it to the author!

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