New Version Of Pillars With Critical Bugfix

Dear Friends,

Please download and install a new version of Four Pillars of Wisdom! In this version critical bug is fixed that prevented launch …


From now on Four Pillars of Wisdom is a freeware program. Please enjoy unlimited IChing Astrology!

Peace! :-)

- Oleg I. Galkin

Dear Clients,
Since Four Pillars is not updated frequently, from now …

New Pillars Release. No More Adobe Flash

Dear Friends, new version of Four Pillars of Wisdom is released. There was a lot of troubles with Yearly Hexagram Statistics because the graph was …

Meet a Great Man

When reading your I Ching Horoscope, you can often find phrases like ‘it’s beneficial to meet a great man’. What does it mean?

As a matter of fact, I Ching and I Ching Astrology was created for Kings (superior persons), that is, managers.

From now on Four Pillars Of Wisdom looks much more user friendly than before.

Four Pillars’ Price is Adjusted

The price of the product is adjusted. The new price for one year of product usage on 2 computers is $9.99.

Here is a small guidance for reading your I Ching Horoscope. For those who is beginning to use Four Pillars of Wisdom.

Now you can buy a license for one year of Pillars usage on 2 computers for just $5.99

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