Something came true for Apple boss. I Ching for Steve Jobs.

Steve Jobs born February 24, 1955 in San Francisco, United States of America (122° 45′ W N) at 19:15 (US/Pacific Timezone).

According to I Ching Horoscope generated by Pillars of Wisdom, Steve Jobs has the following Later Heaven hexagram (which governs the second part of his life):

Later Heaven Hexagram for Steve Jobs

Hexagram 24 “Return” is very auspicious hexagram and, as you can see, there is a corresponding range of years for each hexagram line. Steve Jobs’ age from 37 to 45 years corresponds to the first (bottom) line of the hexagram which is also a controlling line.

Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1996 when he was in the age of 41 years. It exactly match the period for the first line of Later Heaven hexagram. Thus, Steve Jobs followed his destiny according to his Later Heaven hexagram: he returned to Apple and the company business started to improve!

Is it casual coincidence or something else? How do you think? :)

In all sincerity,
Oleg Galkin
(The author of Four Pillars of Wisdom)

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