Divination Tips #1. Help from others in I Ching Horoscope.

Don’t forget when reading your birthday I Ching Horoscope: when the controlling line has a counterpart of the opposite polarity (in the Pre-Heaven hexagram only) one will receive much help from others, from one’s leader, one’s superiors, and even from unknown sources.

For example, here is the Pre-Heaven hexagram for Steve Jobs:

Steve Jobs Pre-Heaven Hexagram

Hexagram 19. Lin. Approach. Control Line: 2.

Red line (second from the bottom) is the hexagram control line and it has Yang polarity. Its counterpart is the line 5 which has opposite (Yin) polarity. It means that Steve Jobs could receive much help from others during his Pre-Heaven lifetime.

Here is the picture of counterpart lines in a hexagram:

So you can see that line 5 is counterpart line for line 2, line 4 for line 1, line 6 for line 3.

Happy divination!

In all sincerity,
Oleg Galkin
(The author of Four Pillars of Wisdom)

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